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"Lynn DeLapp is a unique consultant who has extensive experience in working with multiple systems and brings that knowledge in an engaging style that facilitates a greater outcome than one can anticipate. She has been able to understand and navigate a county-wide stakeholder process fraught with inherent conflicting interests and was able to assist Solano County Mental Health in putting together a model application and community process. From concept to completed project, Lynn is invaluable.”
   Mike Oprendek
Deputy Director, Mental Health Division
Solano County Department of Health and Social Services

"Over the course of many projects with The Foundation Consortium, Lynn always brought extensive policy expertise and strong analytical, writing and facilitation skills She is also a pleasure to work with—responsive, thorough and on time!”
   Judy Chynoweth, Executive Director (retired)
Foundation Consortium for California’s Children and Families

"Ms. De Lapp has demonstrated her extensive experience in children and family policy research and practice, her project management skills and her excellent proficiencies in the area of meeting facilitation and follow-up reporting.  Her efforts over the years have expanded the capacity and quality of children and family products, services and organizations.”
   Christina Linville
Executive Director, First 5 Solano Children and Families Commission

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